Family Scrapbook



Harper and Reagan


At Pullen Park, Raleigh


May, 2018



Daughters of Sean and Lisa Noble,

Granddaughters of Nancy and Bobby Ellis

Great-Granddaughters of C.T. and Lucille Williams




Cousins of Amy Ellis serving as pallbearers at service on July 14, 2015 at Pineview Cemetery in Rocky Mount [left to right] are the Rev. Lindsey T. Williams, Keith Williams, Jason Ellis, Wes Proctor, Jeremy Taylor, Thomas Williams, Greg Williams, Dr. Chuck Williams and H.P. Williams. Lindsey, Keith, Wes, Thomas, Greg, H. P. and Chuck, grandsons of C.T. and Lucille Williams, are Amy's first cousins and Jeremy, a first cousin once removed, is a great-grandson of C.T. and Lucille Williams.



Seven Brothers: At Glenn's wedding. Charles Thomas [C.T], John David [J.D.], James Oliver, Howard Glenn, Donald Lane, Herman Phillip, Norman Milton


Phil Ellis and grandson, Rowan
Thomas and Lauren Williams, 2010
Great Grandsons: Mellanie, Patsy, Robin and Kara Williams hold four grandsons of C.T. and Lucille Williams, Wyatt Glenn, Aiden, and Noah Williams, sons of Chuck and Robin Williams, and Austin Laurence Williams, son of Lindsey and Kara Williams.



WILLIAMS CHILDREN: Children of Charles T. and Lucille Taylor Williams taken in l971.

[First row: Cleo, Charles Thomas [CT], Margaret, John David [JD][,

[second row, l to r] Donald Lane, Nancy, Shirley, Glenn, Oliver, Phillip.

Milton [1969]
J.D. Williams, Keith Williams, Cleo Williams Matthews
Hyzer, member of Greg Williams' family
Shirley and grandson


Greg and Michelle's wedding
Shirley, Nancy, Oliver, Cleo in Julia's rose garden, 2008


Cleo, Julia, Shirley, June 2008
You can Believe --Bobby at 65


Cleo, J.D. and Nancy, July 2008
JD, Nancy, Don, Oliver,Shirley and Cleo at Shirley's Birthday [April, 2009]
Phil Ellis at work


Shirley arriving at birthday party [April 2009]
James, Shirley [April 2009]
Shirley and Nancy


Shirley and grandchildren

Roanole River Where you go for herring in the Spring

Geraldine Williams Horne, Cleo Willings Matthews, Mildren Williams Mosley, Julia and Oliver Williams


Brooks Jones receives Associate of Arts degree from Nash Community College, May, 2009. She will continue at North Carolina Wesleyan. [Notice the honor cords around her neck.]

Cleo and Margaret

Edgecombe tobacco Curing Barns where many of our ancestors farmed tobacco. [Picture of old barns taken in 2006]


Chuck and Robin Williams and boys

Thomas, Lauren, Ethan, Ryleigh [2010]
Brad, Rowan and Phil Ellis [11-2010]
Don at Pullen Park [2011]
Don, Jenelle, Ryleigh, Ethan at Pullen Park  

Pullen Park Joy Ride - Lisa, Amy, Lindsey, Ken [early


Ryleigh and Ethan same boatride at Pullen in 2011