Generation X - Third and Fourth Generations of the Williams Family


Ashley Proctor Young
Chuck Williams
Lindsey Williams
Amy Ellis
Wes Proctor
Lisa Ellis Noble


Lindsey Williams and Melanie Williams Daryani
Mark and Katrina Williams rest on a lava field near the coast on the Reyklaner Peninsula in Iceland, where they spent the semester break. Katrina is a physician assistant in Durham, and Mark is pursuing a graduate degree in counseling at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and at Duke.

Ken and Amee Gelb Williams [2012]


Doing Kansas City in Ken's Viper



Sean and Lisa Noble and the Durham mating dance










Doing Temperance Hall, Macclesfield and Pinetops

Home of the Abisha Williams clan in Edgecombe County, Cousin Mildred Williams Mosley probably the oldest living descendant of the Williams family.