Sallie Ann Jackson

Sallie Ann Jackson, wife of William David Williams, was the mother of William David [Willie] Williams, John David Williams, and Charles Thomas Wade Williams. She was born on January 12, 1862 and died on January 26 1913. She is buried in the Jackson Family Cemetery on Arlington Street in Rocky



William D. Williams and Sally Jackson Williams

Mount, N.C. Her husband, who survived for another 18 years and never remarried, is buried with her. Several infant children are buried in the Jackson cemetery with Sallie and William David and are probably their children. One, M.S. Williams [1889], is identified as their son. Also buried in their plot are Nannie Williams, died 1891 at 7 months, Sallie B., l903 at 6 months.

Sallie was the daughter of James Henry Jackson and Katie Jackson Jackson. James Henry [J.H] Jackson was killed near Richmond while fighting in what is referred to as "the seven day fight for Richmond." A Mrs. K. Jackson is buried in the Jackson Cemetery. The tombstone lists her birth as October 1835 and her death as June l899. There is no record of J. H. Jackson's burial.

Sallie Jackson apparently was only five months old when her father was killed in the battle of Richmond.

James Henry Jackson is believed to be the son of Micagie Jackson who is buried in the Jackson Cemetery. Micagie was born on September 13, l806 and died on February 15, 1882. Micagie was married at least three times, to Temperance Ricks, Sally Williams and Frances Gay. Francis A. Gay, wife of Micagie Jackson, is buried in the Jackson Cemetery. She was born November 16, l824 and died August 26, 1913 according to the information on her tombstone.

Others of Sallie Ann Jackson's relatives are buried in the Jackson Family Cemetery. A complete list of marked graves in the Jackson cemetery in Rocky Mount is included in the family notes section.

Jackson Cemetery records

The Jackson Cemetery in Rocky Mount is listed in the Works Progress Administration [WPA] survey of 1938. It indicates about 140 markers at that  time. There have been at least 15 people buried there since 1940.