Family Autos

Automobiles have played an important part of the family experience over the years. William David Williams, the father of C.T. Williams, purchased one of the first automobiles in Edgecombe County. A widower with three young sons, Willie, John and Charles, Dave said that an automobile was needed so his sons could ride off and fine a bride. Even with a car to tool around the county, the sons found wives close by home. C.T., J.D. and Phillip all sold automobiles during their careers, and others had a fascination with vehicles. Ken Williams did an oil painting of his first car, a l965 Mustang, during high school and has shown a love for cars since.

Request: If you have a car or car experience , please send pictures and information.

Uncle John Williams and William David Williams [seated] in the family's new roadster, one of the early cars in Edgecombe County.

Tooling around Kansas City in Ken Williams' 2013 Viper
Tooling around Temperance Hall, Macclesfield and Pinetops. Mildred Williams Mosley. Oliver's first car, used for dating and driving home from ECU. Alas, it was a coupe without a back seat, but still sufficed for a night at the drive in theater during the "Rebel "50's" Who had the first green car?
The Chevy that drove to the levy. Is this Glen, Milton or Don?