Margaret Lucille Williams was born January 15, 1928 in Wilson County. She graduated from West Edgecombe High School and married James Edwin Ellis in 1947. They were the parents of two sons, Eddie Wade Ellis and Phillip Ray Ellis.

Ed Ellis owned a fuel oil distributorship. He died in 1986.

Margaret Ellis was a bookkeeping supervisor at Hardee's Food Systems. She died on June 15, 1990.

Margaret had a keen sense of humor and wit. She was also remembered as one of the best students in her class, and in her adult life she wrote poetry, including a book of poetry, entitled Bits and Pieces.


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Margaret Williams Ellis


Margaret and Ed Ellis with Eddie Wade and Phil Ellis

Eddie Wade Ellis

Eddie Wade Ellis was born in 1948 and married Louise Lagrotteria. They were the parents of a daughter, Christina Michelle Ellis, born July 22, 1979. Eddie Ellis died on August 4, 1990.

Christina Ellis with a patient
Eddie Wade Ellis


Christina Ellis

Christina Ellis, daughter of Eddie Wade Ellis and Louise Lagrotteria, is a veterinarian, specializing in equine [horse] surgery, in Ocala, Florida. She practices as an emergency surgeon.

Christina graduated from from the University of Florida in 2000 and received a DVM [Doctor of Veterinary Medicine] from the University of Florida in 2004.

She lives near her mother in Dunnellon, Florida..







The Good Samaritan

By Margaret Williams Ellis

Where is the good Samaritan-
Do you think he lost his way-
Do you think he lost it trying
To help a friend today?

He could have lost it with this thought-

I have no time for you.
I have my own problems
The same as you do too.

I can't afford to get involved,
I have my own chores to do.
You mind your own business
Cause that's what I want to do.

He might have said don't bother me
As I go on my way.
I'm in my own little world
And that's where I want to stay.

I'm on my way to better things
These words I know are true.
I have no time for you, my friend
I can't be troubled with you.

I don't believe in meddling
Your life is your very own
You got in this spot all by yourself
Now you must go alone.

Please don't ask me for my hand
I'm busy - can't you see?
I'm my own good Samaritan
I'll just look after me.

I'm sure the day will never come
When I must look to you.
Cause I'm my own good Samaritan
I'll just see my own self through.

But while we have the chance my friend
Let's give it all our time
I'll be your good Samaritan
Maybe one day you can be mine.

Cause one day I might stumble and fall
Down the long, long road.
Please be there to help me

To carry my heavy load.

I might not be so strong then
Might need a friend so true.

If you'll be a good Samaritan to me
I'll gladly be one to you.

-From Bits and Pieces
by Margaret Williams Ellis


Phillip Ray Ellis

Phillip Ray Ellis was born on November 21, 1952. He is the father of two children, Bradley Phillip Ellis, born on September 8, 1977, and Melissa Leigh Ellis, born on July 12, 1982. Phil and Jan Goode live in Florence, Alabama.

Phil and Jan with Melissa at her wedding
Phil with Melissa and Brad, 2016


Bradley Phillip Ellis



Brad Ellis married Brittany Barrett on October 24, 2009. They are the parents of a son, Rowan Bradley Ellis, born September 28, 2010, and a daughter, Elizabeth..

Brad and Brittany live in Decatur, Alabama.



Brad and Rowan
Brittany and Rowan

Wedding by the sea, October 24, 2009, at Pensacola, Florida

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Rowan Ellis, 2016
Elizabeth Ellis with cousin Arlo Friesland  



Melissa [Lisser Leigh] Ellis Friesland

Melissa Leigh Ellis was born July 12, 1982 in Rocky Mount, N.C, She married Bric Friesland on September 10, 2016. They live in Asheville, N.C, Lisser Leigh is a nurse.

Lisser and Bric are the parents of two children Ava Friesland and Arlo Friesland





Phil and Melissa
Father and Bride
Phil and Bric Frieslaand


The wedding ceremony
Lisser and Ava Friesland