Phillip Williams

Phillip Williams, the sixth child of Lucille and Charles Williams, was born on August 31, l933. He died on October 18, l971. Phillip served as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army l8th Airborne Division. After military service, he was an automobile salesman in Rocky Mount.

He married Maggie Louise Clay of Rocky Mount. They were the parents of two sons, Herman Phillip Williams, Jr. who was born on September 9, l962, and Dennis Keith Williams, who was born on November 6, l963. Phillip's stepdaughter, Pam Humbert, was like a grandchild to Lucille Williams and a sister to the younger children in the Williams family.

Louise Clay Williams died on December 1, 2000.







Pam Humbert Adams

Pam Humbert, daughter of Louise Clay Williams and step-daughter of Phillip Williams, married Odric Austin Adams, Jr.

They are the parents of a son, Robert "Robbie" Adams, and live in New Bern.

O. A. and Pam Adams

Robbie Adams

Robbie Adams, son of O.A. and Pam Adams lives in Wilmington. He married Laura Hall of Wilmington.

They are the parents of a daughter, Harper Catherine Adams, born October 10, 2013.


H. P. Williams, Jr.

Herman Phillip Williams, Jr. retired from the U.S. Navy on February 1, 2006 with 23 years of service. . He then settled in Jacksonville, Fla.

H.P. now lives in Durham, N. C. and is employed by Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abuse in Durham. You can see a video of H. P.'s role at "TROSA: Our Story" at TROSA.

He is the father of Phillip Casey Williams, who was born on December 15, 1981;

A son, Jesse Bryant of Orlando, Fl. and Jesse's son, Brendan who is 2 years old;

A son, Russel Rogers of Slidell, La. who has sons, Russel L. Rogers III. who is 10 years old; Peyton A. Rogers, 8; and Trenton M. Rogers, 1 year old.

A daughter, Spaura Roarke of Orlando, Fl. who has a son, Kavin Michael Roarke, 10; and a daughter, Kirsten Mikala Roarke, age 3.





H P Williams Weds


Herman Phillip (H P] Williams, Jr. wed his friend of 16 years, Deborah Ann Rogers, on November 27, 2013.



Casey Phillip Williams

Casey is the son of H. P. Williams, Jr. He lives in Charlotte with his wife, Sabrina.

He has a stricking resemblance to his grandfather, Herman Phillip Williams.












Keith Williams


Keith Williams lives in New Bern with his wife, Cindy (the former Cynthia Marie Sawyer) and his step-son, Charles (Chuck) Edwards.

Keith is a successful salesman with Keith Williams Insurance Services in New Bern.

He is also a talented musician and is lead vocalist with a widely known Christian quartet, Second Edition, that performs in many churches in North Carolina and environs.