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June 29, 2009 - Parker Agelasto, Richmond, Va. Wilkinson Family

Oliver, Greetings.  I hope you don’t mind I contact you.  I believe we are distance cousins through Benjamin Wilkinson and Obedience Dew.  I found your family line mentioned on the website for C.T. and Lucille Williams.  I descend from Benjamin Wilkinson and Obedience Dew through their daughter Gabriella Wilkinson who married Theophilus D. Parker.  Their son Walter Scott Parker was my grandmother’s grandfather and my namesake.  His mother died at the onset of the Civil War when he was only 12 years old.  I plan to visit Henderson, N.C. to see a cousin who has W. S. Parker’s papers.  I hope to uncover some documents relating to Benjamin Wilkinson and Obedience Dew and shall share these with you, if you are interested.  In the meantime, do you have any additional information on this family other than that posted on your website?  I am curious if there is a photo of Obedience Dew floating around as she died in 1883, well after photography was available.


Parker C. Agelasto

1901 Floyd Avenue

Richmond, VA 23220

804-355-3648 (H)


March 3, 2009 - Mike Hutzler, Raleigh - Moore family

I found you email address on the CT Williams web site. Theophilus Moore Sr is my fourth great grandfather and of course I am looking for any info or photos for my research.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Mike Hutzler Photography

5100 Arbor Chase Dr
Raleigh NC 27616


March 13, 2009 Christina Ellis

Hi Uncle Oliver,
   I am Christina Ellis, the daughter of Eddie Wade Ellis and the granddaughter of Margaret Ellis.  My cousin, Brad, has recently found me.  He sent me the link to your website for the Williams family.  I must say, looking at the website and writing this message to you brings tears to my eyes.  After the passing of my grandmother and father in a 3-month time period, I essentially lost all contact with that side of the family.  I truly enjoyed looking at the website-- some familiar faces and many unknown faces.  Brad mentioned that you would be interested in current information on myself. 
   I am now 29 years old.  I am a veterinarian, specializing in equine (horse) surgery.  I graduated from high school in Tampa FL in 1997.  I received my Bach of Science from the University of Florida in 2000 and received my DVM (veterinary medicine) from the Univ of Florida in 2004.  From there, I did a 1-year internship in general equine practice in Tampa FL, followed by a 3-year residency in equine surgery in Ocala, FL.  (I just finished my residency program in July 2008, and now work as an emergency surgeon at the same practice in Ocala.
   I am not married and do not have children, although I have been with someone for ~ 4 1/2 years now.  Marriage plans are in the near future now that I have finished my surgery training.  My mother is still alive and doing well.  She lives with her second husband, just outside of Tampa, FL, and I see her frequently.
   I will attach some pictures-- 1 picture at work, 1 picture with my puppy from last fall, and the only recent picture that I could find by myself is from a vacation in Alaska last summer.  The next time I go to my mother's home, I will gather some pictures of my father, scan them into the computer, and foward them to you.  I have several photo albums from Gra (our--Brad, Melissa, and myself-- nickname for your sister Margaret) and would forward as much or as least as you would be interested in.
   I hope that you are doing well, and I am sorry to say that I can vaguely remember you.  I would love to hear any information about yourself and any of the family.  Again, thank you for the web site-- that is very admirable and I am sure alot of work.  I look foward to hearing from you.
Christina Ellis
1339 NW 165th Court Rd
Dunnellon, FL  34432

Hi Uncle Oliver,
   Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.  I only check my e-mail ~ 1 time per week (I know that is unheard of at this day in age!), and I have been delaying a reply until I got pictures of my father.  I met with my mother last week, and she have me some of her old photo albums-- most of the pictures with my father are from when I was very young (1-3 years old).  I thought that I had more pictures from when I was older (8-10 years old), but I must make a trip down to my mother's and go through my personal photo albums.  (When I was young I created several photo albums, which I am now grateful for.)  At any rate, I will just send pictures, good or bad, just so you can see and do as you please with them.  I must get access to a scanner and then I promise to send them.  Promise, I did not forget!
   In response to your e-mail, Nancy and Melissa have contacted me which is great.  Nancy mentioned that the family still gets together for the family reunion in October.  I would love to try to attend this year, if I can make it possible.  I would love to sit down with you and hear as many stories as you are willing to share about my father and grandmother.  I must be honest, I did not know that you were with my father when he passed.  I did not know that anyone was with him...and I did not know that Gra was valedictorian of her class. I guess it would just be nice to hear anything that you have to share.
   I recently took a big examination in San Diego, CA to obtain board certification in veterinary surgery. (It is the highest honor for specialization in a field of medicine.  Kind of like going to a human doctor specializing in feet or knees, etc. instead of going to a general practitioner.)  I received the results last week that I passed the exam, and I am now a member of their college-- ie I am a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.  So, now I feel like I have FINALLY reached my ultimate goal that I have been striving for for sooooo many years!
   Anyways, thank you for all of your kind words in your e-mails...they bring forth so many emotions.  I will send pictures soon.  I would love to hear about things going on in your life whenever you have time to reply.  Hope to hear from you soon!
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 14:35:33 -0500
Subject: Hi from Uncle Oliver

Hi Christina,

I guess at my age, it is fine to admit that I cried when I received your email.  Mostly, they were tears of joy from making contact with you, seeing what a beautiful young woman you have become, and proud of your accomplishments.  The other tears are nostalgic.  Your father and your grandmother would be so proud of you today.  I can hardly imagine how proud Margaret would be. She was like a mother to me, more than an older sister.  She kept my writings on her coffee table.  Margaret was a smart person [valedictorian of her class] and a creative person who wrote beautiful poetry. And I loved Eddie so much.  I was with him when he died.

I am so proud of you.  You have degrees from a fine university and have gone to the top educational accomplishments.  I love animals, as I know you must.  I recently lost my cat, Sadie.  We adopted her from the animal shelter, and she lived for 20 years.

I will add your pictures and information about you on the family site.  Your great uncles [J.D. Don and myself] and great aunts [Cleo, Shirley and Nancy] and your numerous cousins will be so happy and proud to have this information on our family page.

Please do send me several pictures of your father.  Actually, I do not have any pictures of him except very early ones when he was a boy. 

I hope someday to have an opportunity to talk with you and share some memories I have of your father, grandmother and grandfather, and your great-grandparents [including your great-grandmother Ellis] and your great-great-grandparents [John and Margaret Taylor]. 

Please keep in contact with us.  Let us know about your upcoming wedding.  I will attend if possible.  And please come to Rocky Mount sometime, or Raleigh where I live.  All of your cousins and relatives would be overjoyed to see you.

Please give my regards to your mother.  I remember her well.  She was a beautiful young woman when I knew her, and also personable and likable.

I am so pleased that Brad made contact with you.  I'm assuming we will have two weddings in Margaret's branch of the family. 

Love, Oliver


March 30, 2008 - Tommy Colbert, Norfolk, Va. Williams family

 For the most part my interest in the Williams family right now is a group effort between myself and the three ladies I have been working with.  Gray Armstrong supposedly married Martha "Patsey" Williams, daughter of Burrell Williams and she would be one of my ancestors.  My research shows that Burrell Williams had a daughter, Patsey or Martha but she married a Henry Williams.  She and Henry were contemporaries of Gray and were married until at least 1844.  Unless there were two Burrell Williams at the same time in the area, it isn't likely Gray married a daughter of Burrell Williams.  There was a Burrell in Nash Co but he wouldn't have been of the correct age to have a daughter old enough to be Gray's wife.
 The ladies and myself have discussed a John Williams who died about 1838- 1839 and had a wife, Sally.  That John seems to have had children Epinitus, Sally, William, Blount, Nancy, Thomas and Francis or Frances.  Sally married Levi Lancaster and if my memory is right three of the sons died in the Mexican War.
 My personal interest would be more for William David Williams and Sally Jackson.  I believe Sally was the daughter of James Henry Jackson and believe he was the son of Micajah Jackson buried in the Jackson Cemetery.  Haven't been able to prove it so far.  Micajah was married at least three time; Temperance Ricks, Sally Williams and Frances Gay.
 Like you say, we should find a lot to talk about.
 Edge. Db 22, page 286, date of deed 15 Mar 1839, date recorded Mar Ct. 1839, John Williams estate to Sally Williams, widow of John Williams, her dower land beginning at a stake and oak in Duncan Braswell's line then north 1 east 270 poles to a stake and post oak in Joseph Lancaster's line then west 114 poles along Whitehead's & Joseph Lancaster's line to a pine in Augustine Whitehead's line then south 1 west 270 poles to a pine in an old field then east 58 poles to a poplar in the Spring Branch then along Duncan L. Braswell's line to the beginning, containing 193 acres, signed Matthew Whitehead, Henry Whitehead (X), John Bridgers, Matthew Whitehead Jun (X), Joseph Lancaster (X), Jesse Lancaster, Willie (Bridgers), William Williams (X), Lovet Long (X), Jeremiah Batts, Newsom Long (X), Joab Proctor. Abstracted 12-10-01, FHC film 0370237, CTC.
 Edge. Co Db 33, page 25, date of deed 1 Feb 1871, date recorded 14 Feb 1871, Levi Lancaster and wife Sally to John R. (Mercer) all of Edge. Co. for $123, all our right title and claim to a tract of land beginning at a stake and post oak in the line formerly known as the line between Lancaster heirs and John Williams heirs, then south 267 to an oak then north 85 west 51 poles to a stake then north (265) poles to an oak then east 51 poles to the beginning, containing 85 acres, known as the part allotted to Blount Williams in the division of the lands of John Williams, dec'd, a part of which tract being subject to the dower of Mrs. Sally Williams, signed L.L. Lancaster, Sarah H. Lancaster, wit. David Lane.  Abstracted 6-14-02 from NC Archives film C.037.40024, CTC.

My friend, Vicki is the one with the most interested in the Williams family. She and I have been working together for about 18 months. In that time, I abstract from documents and records and she analyzes and points me in the direction we need to be moving. If you can send us the information from the Williams Bible we can compare it to the records in our files and may be able to help you along with Abisha's parents. Scanned copies would be best, but if not possible, your copying all the names and information inscribed in the Bible would give us a direction to be moving.

Vicki might be able to make a connection for you. She is interested in the Williams family as it is one of her lines. One of Elza Taylor's daughters married Whitmel Williams and that is her line. I think she is a retired newspaper reporter and doesn't give up when she gets onto a lead

Tommy Colbert, Norfolk, Virginia

January 28, 2008 - Tommy Colbert, Taylor Family

 My note for Jonathan says: "Joyce Taylor Raper has his name listed as Jordan, from the family bible.  "Died with the north during war between the states.""  I don't know if those were Joyce's exact words or if I made a typo.  It is almost certain that he died during the Civil War and almost as certain he was a Confederate soldier.      
 My thinking from years ago was that James was not the son of Hilliard but was the son of John.  The Bible family pages show that.  I have changed it in my FTM Elza Taylor file.  I didn't have the item about him marrying Mary Lenard.  There are Leonards in the area and probably were then.
 No doubt you are right about Mills and Miles.  It was a name used in Edgecombe and often interchangeably.  There was also a Hilliard Daws.  Not sure if he were named for Hilliard Taylor or the Hilliard family.
 I don't have a Margaret in my file.  Jeanette was called Nete.  Emma could have had information that I don't.  I think most of Emma's information came from talking to other people, not from original research.  Of course, she is old enough that if her interest was from a young girl she may have talked to some old family members.  Her oldest sister was born in 1892.  Emma's mother died when she was one day old.  She was raised by her uncle, Zeb Daws who was born in 1882.  If my memory is correct, Zeb and his wife didn't have any children, so Emma may have inherited any papers he had.
 I have seen census work and maybe other documents where Cornelius Baton was called Bate and the two names were sometimes reversed.  His death certificate names him Bake Calvin Taylor, son of Hilliard Taylor and Matilda Daws.  On the down side, the informant was his son William who my grandmother thought was a maniac and a criminal to boot.  I was told he had done hard time and she wouldn't let him in the house.
 You may be right about Ezzra being Elza but the places I have abstracted it, I have it Ezzra.  I don't remember seeing that name used for anyone else in the family.  Reading old documents, it would be be easy to read it wrong.
 Cal Taylor married a widow Mammie Bailey Lancaster, with at least one child, J.D. Lancaster.    I remember going to J.D's house one time with dad.  It was back in the woods with the children, chickens, junk cars and snakes.  I don't know who her first husband was except a Lancaster. 
 Cal Taylor, Edge. Co, son of Bate Taylor and Fannie Taylor, age 39, both dead, to Mamie Lancaster, Edge. Co, daughter of David Bailey and Della Bailey, both dead, Charlie C. Colbert applied for license on Jan 16, 1934, married by (     ) Foxhall, JP, 16 Jan 1934 in #1 TWP, witnesses Effie Mae Calbert, Celia Gray Colbert, Charlie C. Colbert (X). all of Rocky Mount.  Edge. Co marriage license file 1934.
 Paulette probably got the information for Lonnie Harrell marrying Molly Taylor from me.  Lonnie has a tombstone in the J.N. Taylor cemetery with J.N. and his wife, being the only other stones visible.  After Molly died, Lonnie took to courting Obedience "Beadie" Armstrong Taylor, my grandmother's mother.  Beadie lived across the street from where my mother grew up.  Mom was living with her mother and stepfather, Moses Taylor.  Moses' sister Bluma Taylor Newsom lived across the street.  Bluma's husband, Lawrence Newsome didn't like the idea of Lonnie courting his mother in law and wouldn't let him come to the house.  Beadie would walk up the street and meet him somewhere.  This was in the county with no place to go so Beadie and Lonnie would sit on the ditch bank acting like a couple of teen age kids.  Charlotte will probably remember mom and dad talking about them.
 Wester or Westie, which ever it really is married Thad Jackson, one of my Jackson cousins, several times removed.  I have seen her name both ways and not sure which is correct.
 Somehow I got Lonnie's wedding day really off.  I am pretty sure it was August 15, 1924.  Cornelia was the daughter of Nathaniel Gay.  She married John Newton Taylor (one of Elza's descendants) after his first wife died.  After J.N. Taylor died she married Kinchen Jackson, another of my cousins, several times removed.  After Kinchen's death and about a year before her own death, she married Lonnie Taylor.  Notice that her will was dated just three days after the wedding.  Her death date was only seven months after the wedding.  Also, maybe of some interest, after the death of her first husband, she married two men who were unmarried until a little later in life than normal, or at least as best I can tell.  Lonnie was 32 when he married her.  Kinchen Jackson was 31 when he married her.
 1900 CENSUS
Matilda Taylor head  73 F Apr 1827 NC  WD
Holland, Nancy J dau 53? F Oct 1846 NC  WD
Mary ? Taylor dau  43 F Feb 1854 NC  S
Jenettie M. (Erins?)dau 32 F Oct 1864 NC  WD
Pennie E. Taylor dau 28 F Aug 1871 NC  S
(Cary?) B. gdau  16 F Dec 1883 NC  S
Aubrey W.  grson  5 F Jun 1894 NC  S
Matilda- 14 children, 9 living, Nancy- 0 children, Mary E. 1 child, 1 living, Jenettie 0 children  
 Taylor, Korneley, TWP 14, female, married to L.C. Taylor, age 68 born Edge. Co., father Nathaniel Gay born Edge. Co., mother Sallie (Odome) born ( illegible, possibly Franklin Co), died Mar 25, 1925, buried Edge. Co. at home place, undertaker R.R. Gay.   Will of CORNELIA TAYLOR, date of will 18 August 1924, date recorded 31 Mar. 1925, 
 In the name of God, Amen:
 I, Cornelia F. Taylor, being of sound mind and memory but mindful of the certainty of death, do make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament, hereby revoking all such other wills and testaments as may have been made by me heretofore; and do hereby declare my will to be:
 Item one. That all my just and legal debts be paid out of the first moneys coming into the hands of my executor. 
 Item 2.  That all my estate , real, personal and mixed, shall go immediately upon my death, to my husband, L.C. Taylor, to be his in  fee simple and title absolute; including that certain tract of land in No. 14, Township, Edgecombe County, containing 37 acres more or less, which was devised to me (Cornelia Gay) by my father Nathaniel Gay, by item two of his will, recorded in Will Book H, page 297, Edgecombe County; and all other real property which I now own or may hereafter own. 
 Item three.  I hereby appoint and constitute my husband, L.C. Taylor, as executor of this my last will and testament, without bond.  In testimony whereof, I, Cornelia F. Taylor, have hereunto set my hand and seal this the 18th day of August, 1924.  (signed in very poor hand) Cornelia F. Taylor. 
 Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Cornelia F. Taylor, as and for her last will and testament in the presence of us who at her request and in her presence and in the presence of one another have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses hereto.  Levi Jones, V. P. Logan, J.R. Lancaster Recorded in Will Book K, page 263.
Bill: Cornelia Gay married three times.  Her first husband was John Newton Taylor, a descendant of Teagle Taylor and her last husband was L.C. Taylor a descendant of Elza Taylor.  Her second husband was Kinchin Jackson, who was in my mother's family.

Tommy Colbert. Norfolk, Virginia

 My friend, Vicki is the one with the most interested in the Williams family.  She and I have been working together for about 18 months.  In that time, I abstract from documents and records and she analyzes and points me in the direction we need to be moving.  If you can send us the information from the Williams Bible we can compare it to the records in our files and may be able to help you along with Abisha's parents.  Scanned copies would be best, but if not possible, your copying all the names and information inscribed in the Bible would give us a direction to be moving. 

Vicki might be able to make a connection for you.  She is interested in the Williams family as it is one of her lines.  One of Elza Taylor's daughters married Whitmel Williams and that is her line.  I think she is a retired newspaper reporter and doesn't give up when she gets onto a lead.

Tommy Colbert, Norfolk, Virginia


Descendants of Hilliard Taylor

[Information courtesy of Tommy Colbert]

Generation No. 1

.i.JOHN DAVID5 TAYLOR, b. November 1884; d. December 04, 1942, Wilson County, NC.
.ii.MCDORSEY TAYLOR, b. February 1887.
.iii.DELIAHA "DILLY" TAYLOR, b. August 1889; d. December 20, 1929, Edgecombe Co., NC.
5.iv.MEADY BENNETT TAYLOR, b. August 15, 1890; d. April 26, 1959, Rocky Mount, Nash County, NC.
6.v.CHRIS CHANEY TAYLOR, b. March 04, 1892, Edgecombe Co., N.C.; d. May 24, 1969, Rocky Mount, Nash County, N.C.. TAYLOR, b. April 1895; d. April 19, 1933, New Bern, Carven Co., NC, St. Luke's Hospital..
8.vii.MARY HENRETTA "RHETTE" TAYLOR, b. July 01, 1897; d. November 15, 1953, Nash Co., NC.
9.viii.ROSA BELL TAYLOR, b. October 1899; d. February 05, 1986.
10.ix.BLUMA DAISY TAYLOR, b. November 24, 1905; d. December 20, 1988.
11.x.MOSES TAYLOR, b. June 27, 1909, Edgecombe Co.; d. April 05, 1986, Rocky Mount, Nash County N.C..

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN DAVID5 TAYLOR (WILLIAM DORSEY4, HILLIARD SAMUEL3, ELSA2, JONATHAN1) was born November 1884, and died December 04, 1942 in Wilson County, NC3. He married MARGARET (MAGGIE) ELIZABETH MOORE December 13, 1905 in TWP 14, Edgecombe County, NC4, daughter of DANIEL MOORE and HENRIETTA MOORE.

i.EMMA LUCILE6 TAYLOR, b. September 29, 1906, Edgecombe Co5; d. September 08, 1969; m. CHARLES THOMAS WADE WILLIAMS, October 01, 1922.
ii.GLADYS MAE TAYLOR, b. October 10, 1908; d. January 20, 1952; m. MARION COLEY, October 24, 1925.
iii.PATTIE RUTH TAYLOR, b. September 24, 1910; d. January 13, 1911.
iv.WILLIAM DANIEL TAYLOR, b. August 23, 1913; d. June 11, 1915, Edgecombe County, NC6.
v.INFANT TAYLOR, b. January 24, 1918; d. January 24, 1918.
vi.JOHN GOLD TAYLOR, b. August 15, 1915, other sources list as Aug. 19, 19197; d. March 25, 19818; m. JESSE THORNELL, June 14, 1943.
vii.ULYSS LEO TAYLOR, b. August 18, 1919; d. Aft. March 26, 19819; m. EARLINE WINSTEAD.
viii.JOSEPH HORACE TAYLOR, b. September 08, 1921; d. October 20, 1968; m. JUANETTA MAUD WINSTEAD, July 07, 1945.
ix.LLOYD LANE TAYLOR, b. December 25, 1922; d. Aft. March 26, 198110; m. RAPHURNELL DAVIS, December 1945.
x.MARGARET ELIZABETH TAYLOR, b. August 14, 1924; d. December 31, 1924.
xi.ANN BLANCHE TAYLOR, b. September 20, 1926; m. JOHN I. TAYLOR, February 08, 1946.
xii.GEORGE BENNETT TAYLOR, b. August 27, 1928; d. June 05, 1932.

3. MCDORSEY5 TAYLOR (WILLIAM DORSEY4, HILLIARD SAMUEL3, ELSA2, JONATHAN1) was born February 1887. He married ALICE RIGGS December 24, 1914 in Pollocksville N.C.11, daughter of D.W. RIGGS and MINNIE RIGGS.

i.PERLEY M.6 TAYLOR, b. 1916.
ii.WILLIAM D. TAYLOR, b. 1918.
iii.FRANKLIN M. TAYLOR, b. 191912; d. Abt. November 01, 2002; m. MILDRED RIGGS.

4. DELIAHA "DILLY"5 TAYLOR (WILLIAM DORSEY4, HILLIARD SAMUEL3, ELSA2, JONATHAN1) was born August 1889, and died December 20, 1929 in Edgecombe Co., NC13. She married JAMES CHURCHFIELD WARBRITTON June 13, 1909 in TWP 12 Edgecombe County, NC14, son of CHURCH WARBRITTON and ELIZABETH MEARS.

ii.GEORGE MARVIN WARBRITTON, b. February 03, 1919, Edgecombe County on February 3, 191916; d. September 14, 200017; m. MATTIE IRENE BIRDSONG.
iii.DAISY WARBRITTON, b. December 30, 1916; d. June 18, 1991; m. BRUCE WILSON WORRELL.

5. MEADY BENNETT5 TAYLOR (WILLIAM DORSEY4, HILLIARD SAMUEL3, ELSA2, JONATHAN1) was born August 15, 189018, and died April 26, 1959 in Rocky Mount, Nash County, NC19. He married SEINE ANNIE JONES December 03, 1912 in TWP 12 Edgecombe County, NC by J.W. Jackson20, daughter of LEVI JONES and MARY TAYLOR.

Children of MEADY TAYLOR and SEINE JONES are:
i.MARY6 TAYLOR, b. Abt. 191421; m. NEWSOME JOYNER.
ii.WILLIAM LEADY "DICK" TAYLOR, b. Abt. 191721; d. Abt. 1971; m. MABEL CHAPPELL.
iii.HAZEL TAYLOR, b. 192021.

6. CHRIS CHANEY5 TAYLOR (WILLIAM DORSEY4, HILLIARD SAMUEL3, ELSA2, JONATHAN1) was born March 04, 1892 in Edgecombe Co., N.C., and died May 24, 1969 in Rocky Mount, Nash County, N.C.22. She married CHARLIE THOMAS COLBERT March 02, 1913 in Rocky Mt. TWP, Nash County, NC23.

i.EFFIE MAE6 COLBERT, b. November 29, 1913, Edgecombe Co.24; d. December 05, 1965, Rocky Mount, NC24; m. WILLIAM ASHLEY HARPER.
ii.ROBERT LEE COLBERT, b. May 29, 1915, Edgecombe County, NC25; d. October 08, 2003; m. NELLIE MAE JACKSON, July 20, 1940, Emporia Va.
iii.CHARLIE DORSEY COLBERT, b. October 30, 1917, Edgecombe Co.; d. January 12, 1918, Edgecombe Co..
iv.CELIA GRAY COLBERT, b. February 03, 1919; m. CLYDE DAVIS.
v.JOE THOMAS COLBERT, b. July 17, 1920, Edgecombe Co.26; d. March 17, 1995, Rocky Mount, NC27; m. GEVIE HUGHS, June 07, 1941, Nash County, NC.
vi.GEORGE HOWARD COLBERT, b. November 03, 1922; m. KATIE ELIZABETH MIZZEL, June 24, 1946, Portsmouth, Va.28.
vii.JOHN HENRY COLBERT, b. February 28, 1923; m. EVELYN HILL.
viii.INFANT COLBERT, b. April 15, 1925, Edgecombe County29; d. April 15, 1925, Edgecombe County.
ix.LULA ELLEN COLBERT, b. May 19, 1929; m. HUNTER HUGHS.
x.NELLIE PEARLE COLBERT, b. May 19, 1929.

7. DELLA5 TAYLOR (WILLIAM DORSEY4, HILLIARD SAMUEL3, ELSA2, JONATHAN1) was born April 1895, and died April 19, 1933 in New Bern, Carven Co., NC, St. Luke's Hospital.30. She married EDWARD NASH "EDDIE" RIGGS July 04, 1914 in Pollocksville N.C.31, son of WILLIAM RIGGS and MISSOURI PHILLIPS.

Children of DELLA TAYLOR and EDWARD RIGGS are:
i.MORRIS6 RIGGS, b. Abt. 191432; d. 197832.
ii.WILLIAM HENRY RIGGS, b. Abt. 191632; m. HELEN DAVIS, 1939.
iii.LILLIE BELLE RIGGS, b. Abt. 191832.
iv.GERTRUDE RIGGS, b. Abt. 192032.
vi.MARGARET RIGGS, b. Abt. 192332.
vii.HELEN RIGGS, b. Abt. 192832.

8. MARY HENRETTA "RHETTE"5 TAYLOR (WILLIAM DORSEY4, HILLIARD SAMUEL3, ELSA2, JONATHAN1) was born July 01, 1897, and died November 15, 1953 in Nash Co., NC33. She married CHARLIE JONES August 25, 1912 in TWP 12, Edgecombe Co. NC by J.W. Jackson34, son of LEVI JONES and MARY TAYLOR.

Children of MARY TAYLOR and CHARLIE JONES are:
i.WEDDLE EARL6 JONES, b. August 25, 1916; d. October 19, 1988, Riverside Hospital, Newport News, VA35; m. WILLIE RIVENBARK.
ii.WILLIAM DOSSEY JONES, b. February 03, 191935; d. May 18, 1994, Huntsville, AL35.
iii.HENRY CLAY JONES, b. September 20, 1924, Edgecombe Co35; d. October 17, 2006; m. TILDY L. JONES.
iv.CHARLIE LAWRENCE JONES, b. January 26, 192735; m. VIRGINIA CRUSENBERRY, October 31, 194735.

9. ROSA BELL5 TAYLOR (WILLIAM DORSEY4, HILLIARD SAMUEL3, ELSA2, JONATHAN1) was born October 1899, and died February 05, 198636. She married LEVI JOHN ANDERSON, son of MAGGIE Z. ANDERSON.

Children of ROSA TAYLOR and LEVI ANDERSON are:
i.MARY6 ANDERSON, b. June 01, 191837.
iii.RUTH ANDERSON, b. Abt. 1923.
iv.WILLIAM ANDERSON, b. Abt. 1925; d. drown in Rock quary in Sharpsburg.
v.JAMES E. ANDERSON, b. December 16, 1926.
vi.MILDRED ANDERSON, b. August 24, 192838; d. August 07, 200339; m. E.C. BATCHELOR.
vii.MAGGIE ODEL ANDERSON, b. July 30, 1930; d. October 24, 200440; m. GEORGE WOOD.
viii.ARTHUR DEAN ANDERSON, b. May 08, 193341.
ix.BETTY GRAY ANDERSON, b. November 27, 193442; d. 1993.

10. BLUMA DAISY5 TAYLOR (WILLIAM DORSEY4, HILLIARD SAMUEL3, ELSA2, JONATHAN1) was born November 24, 190543, and died December 20, 198844. She married LAURIE MOWEE NEWSOME July 03, 1927, son of JASPER NEWSOM and FLORENCE ROUSE.

i.LAWRENCE M.6 NEWSOME, b. June 22, 1928.
ii.JOSEPH NEWSOME, b. February 10, 1930; d. October 01, 1995, Taylor's Hill, Edgecombe County, NC.
iii.RAYMOND NEWSOME, b. December 29, 1930; d. March 01, 199945.
iv.SHELBEDINE NEWSOME, b. October 07, 1936.
v.DENIS HARVEY NEWSOME, b. September 18, 1941.
vi.CARL NEWSOME, b. August 14, 1943.
vii.LOIS GRAY NEWSOME, b. March 25, 1945.
viii.BARBARA ANN "BOB" NEWSOME, b. April 27, 1949; d. April 09, 200546; m. X. JOYNER.
ix.BARRY HODGES NEWSOME, b. April 25, 1951.

11. MOSES5 TAYLOR (WILLIAM DORSEY4, HILLIARD SAMUEL3, ELSA2, JONATHAN1) was born June 27, 1909 in Edgecombe Co.47, and died April 05, 1986 in Rocky Mount, Nash County N.C.48. He married LENA MAY JACKSON.

Children of MOSES TAYLOR and LENA JACKSON are:
i.PATTY JEWEL6 TAYLOR, b. November 04, 1930; m. (1) GEORGE LEE WINDERS; m. (2) WILLIAM F. NEW.
ii.SYLVIA MARIE TAYLOR, b. May 16, 1932, (Taylors Hill) Edgecombe Co.; m. EUGENE EVANS LAMB.
iii.DOROTHY LEE TAYLOR, b. April 24, 1934; m. (1) CALLIE JIM STALLINGS; m. (2) ADAM CHARLIE CURTIS; m. (3) EDISON DURWOOD "MUG" HOLDER, November 01, 1952, Oak View Baptist Church, Edgecombe Co.49.
iv.WILLIAM DANIEL TAYLOR, b. May 27, 1936, Edgecombe County; m. JESSE DEAN ROSE, November 19, 1955.
v.JIMMY EARL TAYLOR, b. March 28, 1938; m. KATIE BOTTOMS, April 05, 1958, Taylor's Hill, Edgecombe Co., NC50.
vi.INFANT TAYLOR, b. May 23, 193951; d. May 24, 1939, Edgecombe County, NC52.
vii.ELBERT EUGENE TAYLOR, b. October 06, 194153; m. FAYE SHEARIN, February 19, 1961, Taylor's Hill, Edgecombe Co., NC54.
viii.WILLARD RAY TAYLOR, b. July 27, 1946; m. JEAN HOLIFIELD, January 16, 1969, Taylor's Hill, Edgecombe Co., NC, Oak View Baptist Church54.


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Another Edgecombe Taylor Family [September 11, 2008]


So glad to have met another Taylor.  I scanned my family History, but did not find a connection.  However, that does't mean we are not related even further back.  There are Moore's related to us too.  My Taylor website is www.    This is for all the branches of the Joseph Taylor Sr. family of Edgecomb Co., NC.In addition, a copy of the most recent printed family history is available in the Geneology collection of the North Carolina State Library in Raleigh.Our family reportedly came into N.C. from the Norfolk, Va. area.    
Taylor, being such a common name in colonial America, has posed more questions than answers as to who is related to whom.  Hope to hear good news about our ancesters. Vivian

Burial Information - As of 2000

[Note: If you have additional information to add here, please email it to me. Oliver Williams]



(Rocky Mount Mills Cemetery)

Falls Road and Barnum Road

Rocky Mount, NC

(Nash County)

BURIALS:  Moore, Taylor, Williams


Moore (cannot read)

“Son of T. M. and D. M.  Moore”

Moore (cannot read)

“Son of T.M. and M..M.  Moore”

Moore, Alice L.

June 25, 1888 - March 7, 1920

NOTE:  One transcription indicates name as Alice M. Moore

Moore, Della H.

August 30, 1875 – September 27, 1907

NOTE:  One transcription indicates name Della M. Moore

Moore, George H.

January 21, 1885 – August 8, 1897

NOTE:  One transcription indicates birth date as June 21, 1885

Moore, James  T.

August 15, 1849 – June 27, 1914

Son of Amos and Mary Moore

Moore, Russell Lee

August 22, 1907 – September 22, 1907

Son of N. S. and Ella Lee Moore

Moore, Thomas M.

April 17, 1876  -  October 16, 1928

Moore, Walter M.

May 22, 1889  -  November 27, 1901

NOTE:  I have a note which indicates that Virginia Alice Rooker Moore was the wife of James T. Moore.  She was born app. 1855 in Warren County and died  Jan. 31, 1897 in Nash County.  Virginia Rooker and James T. Moore were married in Warren County, NC July 23, 1873.  Virginia Rooker was the daughter of Thomas W. Rooker and Mary Jane Moody.   Thomas and Mary Jane were married in Warren County, NC on December 31, 1845.

Battle Park Burials, continued



Massie B. Taylor

October 11, 1908 – October 12, 1908

Daughter of R. T. and G. Taylor


George R. Williams

Born app. 1800

Died:  August 25, 1898   

NOTE: This grave is covered by a full-size ledger.    Inscription indicates that the deceased was either 96 or 98 years old.  Date is hard to read.

Herman L. Williams

Born:   Jan 21, 1910;  Died Feb 15 1912 

NOTE:   One transcription indicates birth date as April 21, 1910

NOTE:  Son of L.T. and L.A. Williams  (One transcription indicates “Son of L.L. and L.A. Williams)

Mary E. Williams

Born:   1854

Died:  March 8, 1898

NOTE:  This grave is covered by a full-size ledger.  Inscription indicates that the deceased was 44 years of age.


Rocky Mount Township north east of SR 1544 and SR 1733

(On road between Hwy 30l at traffic light in Sharpsburg and Hwy 97west)

(Nash County, NC)


NOTE:  This information taken from an old list—cemetery survey was probably done in early 1970’s




Moore, Jettie Thomas

January 28, 1868  -  Nov. 17, 1955

Moore, John  T.

Nov. 18, 1906 – Feb. 24, 1907

Son of J. T. and M. J. Moore

Moore, Margaret Jane

June 28, 1874 – March 29, 1931

Wife of Jettie Thomas Moore

Moore, Nellie Grace

June 20, 1912  -  March 25, 1913

Daughter of J. T. and M. J. Moore



Williams, Bennett

September 8, 1822 – Dec. 15, 1905

Williams, John D.

June 17, 1868 – Oct. 1, 1940

Williams, Lillie T.

May 30, 1894 – Oct. 27, 1971

Williams, Polly

October 19, 1830 – March 12, 1903

Williams, Tommy

June 9, 1896 – July 23, 1966


Notes from William David Williams Bible, given to Oliver Williams by Geraldine Horne


Williams Family Notes

1. Abisha Williams  NOV. 17,1822 - MAR. 4, 1900   [Died at 78]   Amanda Moore Williams  July 22, l829 – Nov. 29, l897   [Age 68]  

    William David Williams, the fourth child, the other children were Nancy Gore, Martha Ann, Andrew Jackson Williams, Samuel Williams, Jesse Lawrence Williams and his twin, James Thomas Williams, Amanda Frances Boone, Spencer Epinitis Williams, Louisa (Lou) Williams Robbins, Wiley Gray Williams and Walter Williams.

2.  William David Williams   l855 – l931    [Age 76]  ---  Sally Jackson   l862 – 1913   [Age 51]

       William D. Williams [Willie]

        John David Williams

        Charles Thomas Wade Williams   1900

June 24, 2005 - Wendy Ridings, Hayes Springs, Texas, Moore Family

Oliver       It was nice talking to you as well. I love meeting new cousins. I would love to stay in  touch. Also sharing info is what its all about. Thats how we find each other. I would to read the letters that Theophilus wrote if thats ok. Do you happen to know where Theophilus Sr. and Milly are buried? Who ever is in the graveyard it would be nice to be able to make that public for all to see.

OK here goes  

My Family Joab Moore b.11-5-1805 d. 6-18-1873 m. Martha Price b. 5-2-1811 d. 9-27-1887 they married  10-18-1827

Children are  1.John Wilson Moore b.9-5-1828 d. 10-23-1901 married Mary Susan Etheridge b.1847 d. 1908   (This is my line)

2. Eli Wilson Moore

3. Elbert Moore

4. Sarah Ann Moore

5.Sally Moore

6. Greenberry Moore

7. Catherine Moore

8. Caswell Moore

9. Emma Moore

10. Martha Moore

11. Jesse Asbury Moore

12. William Rufus Moore

13.Henry Haywood Moore

14. Mary Delia Moore

15 Jonas G Moore

16 William Wesley Moore

He sure had alot of kids didn't he? I will write again soon,

Wendy Ridings

Hayes Springs, Texas     



From Nancy Williams Ellis
I got a message from Patricia Colbert Harrell, the lady that I told you was kin to Sally Jackson. Her brother, Tommy Colbert, is the man you met with in RM to talk about our family geneology several years ago. The message below is the one she sent me. Tommy must have found this out since he talked to you. I don’t know. 

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: Nancy Ellis <>
Date: June 19, 2019 at 9:12:37 PM EDT
To: Nancy Ellis <>
Subject: Sally Ann Jackson

Sally Ann Jackson
Tommy said he has her mother's name as Crissa Kitty Williams.  In the census record I sent you from 1880 I believe It shows "Kitten" as mother in law to the head of household and a Della Jackson age 21 (Sally is listed as 18). It shows Della as daughter to head of household but don't think that is right.  I think Della is probably a sister of Sally.
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