Milliennials Grow Up

Born in the new century and the beginning of the third millenium, the centennials are growing up. They are the great grandchildren and great great grandchildren of Charles Thomas Wade Williams and Emma Lucille Taylor Williams.

Sydney Proctor, Carly
Sydney Proctor, Carly, Colby Proctor
Marion Williams
Austin Williams

Sydney Proctor and Colby Proctor are the children of Ingrid and Wes Proctor and the grandchildren of Shirley and James Proctor. Marion, Austin and Ann Lauren Williams are the children of Kara and Lindsey Williams and the grandchildren of Julia and Oliver Williams.

Ann Lauren Williams
Kendall Denton
Aiden Williams
Wyatt Glenn Williams
Noah Williams
Emma Gray Taylor

Kendall Denton is the daughter of Angela and Robbie Denton and the granddaughter of Audrey Ellis Edmundson and Johnny Taylor. Noah, Aiden and Wyatt Glenn Williams are the sons of Robin and Chuck Williams and the grandsons of Patsy and Glenn Williams.

Emma Gray Taylor is the daugher of Lisa and Jeremy Taylor and the granddaughter of Audrey Ellis Edmundson and Johnny Taylor.


Milliennials Growing Up and leading the pack

Carley Maness already going to the prom


Reagan Noble at Pullen Park, 2015



Noah, Wyatt and Aiden Williams are nearing the teen years. Here with their parents, Chuck and Robin Williams. [2013]

Rowan Ellis enjoys the hay stacks

Harper Catherine Harper, Age one and a half.





Ann Lauren likes to play games with Papa
Marion, Ann Lauren and Austin [Christmas 2013]

Children of Lindsey and Kara Williams and grandchildren of Julia and Oliver Williams