Newest Family Members

Millennials born in the 21st Century, beginning the fifth

generation of the C. T. Williams Family






Bailey Anne Wester

Born July 10, 2018, 7 lbs. 19 1/4 in. long

Daughter of Brooke and Alex Wester

Sister of Blake Wester

Granddaughter of Billie Williams Jones

Great-granddaughter of J.D. and Peggy Williams

Great-great-granddaughter of

Charles and Lucille Williams





Soren Williams

Born: August 21, 2016

7 lbs 8 oz 20 in long



Soren Kvothe Wynter


Son of Mark and Katrina Williams

Grandson of Glenn and Patsy Williams

Great Grandson of

C.T. and Lucille Williams

Harper Olivia Noble

Born May 24, 2015 in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Daughter of Lisa Ellis Noble and Sean Noble

Granddaughter of Bobby Ellis and Nancy Williams Ellis

And Linda Noble

Sister of Reagan Noble and Niece of Amy Leigh Ellis

Great Granddaughter of Charles and Lucille Williams


David Blake Wester

David, who has one name of his great-grandfather, John David [JD] Williams, was born on July 28, 2014 in Rocky Mount. He is the son of Alex and Brooke Wester and the first grandchild of Billie Williams-Jones.

The great grandson of J.D. and Peggy Calhoun Williams and the great great grandson of Charles and Lucille Williams, David is a fifth generation descendant of the C.T. Williams family.




Arlo Ellis Friesland

Born August 11, 2013 in Asheville

Arlo, the son of Melissa Ellis and Bric Friesland, was born August 11, 2013, His father also has a daughter, Ava.

Arlo is the grandson of Phil Ellis and Jan Goode, and the great-grandson of Ed and Margaret Williams Ellis, and the great great grandson of Charles and Lucille Williams.

Melissa and Bric and their children live in Asheville.

Phil hopes his grandson has his mother's disposition, the Williams' love of family, and is half as good a man as [great] Uncle Don.

Arlo Ellis Friesland, at 7 months


Elizabeth Ellis

Rowan Bradley Ellis [2010] and parents, Brad and Brittany Ellis, welcome their new family member, Elizabeth. Brad and his family live in Florence, Alabama.

Rowan and Elizabeth are grandchildren of Phil Ellis and Jan Goode; great-grandchildren

of Ed and Margaret Williams Ellis; and great great grandchildren of Charles and Lucille Williams




Bric Friesland and Melissa Ellis and their children, Ava and Alro Friesland.











Grandmother of the Year



Nancy waited a long time for her first grandchild, Reagan Noble.




Mia Faith Bailey

Born September 19, 1013

Grace, Jack, Luke and Mia Bailey

Mia is the fourth child of Bryan and Lori Bailey. Grace [2005], Jack [2008] and Luke [2010] welcome their new sister.

She was born the month that her father became Lt. Colonel, US Army, and was assigned as Deputy Commander of Fort Hunter Liggett in Jolon, California.

The Bailey children are great-great grandchildren of Charles and Lucille Williams

Lt. Col. Bryan Bailey and Lori

Madelyn Hope Daryani

Born Jully 22, 2013 im Durham


Addison Daryani is thrilled with her sister, Madelyn.

Addison and Madelyn are the daughters of Nevin and Melanie Daryani and live in Durham. They are granddaughters of Glenn and Patsy Williams and great-granddaughters of Charles and Lucille Williams.



Melanie and Nevin with Madelyn



Harper Catherine Adams

Borm October 1, 2013

Harper, the daughter of Robbie and Laura Adams, was born October 1, 2013. She is the granddaughter of Pam and O.A. Adams, and the great grandaughter of Phillip and Louise Clay Williams.

The Adams family lives in New Bern, N.C.

Grandfather of the Year

Phil Ellis, a double grandfather in 2013..

He and Jan shown here with two of their grandchildren, Rowan and Elizabeth.



Already One!

Reagan Noble was born two months before 2013 and she is proud that she is already one year plus--older than the rest of you.


Durham Cousins

Lisa and Reagan and Melanie and Madelyn in their

Durham neighborhood.