Emma Lucille Taylor Williams was born on September 29, 1906 in Edgecombe County, eldest child of John David Taylor and Margaret Elizabeth Moore. She married Charles Thomas Wade Williams on October 1 1922. She died on September 8, 1969. Her brothers and sisters were Ulyss, Horace, John Gold and Lane Taylor and Mae Coley and Ann Taylor Bryant.

Lucille Young




Emma Lucille Taylor as a small child.


John David Taylor (1884-1942) was the son of Betty Armstrong (1867-1943) and William David Taylor (1858-1925). William David Taylor was the son of Hilliard S. Taylor (1819-1892), who was a Primitive Baptist minister. Hilliard Taylor married Mary Matilda Dawes (1827-1894). He was the son of Elijah Taylor (1774-1852) and Mary H. (1788).






William David Taylor, Maggie Taylor and John Taylor


Lucille Taylor's grandmother, Betty Armstrong, was the daughter of Mary Boone (1843-1921) and Benjamin Christopher Columbus Armstrong (1838-1910). Benjamin Armstrong was the son of Micajah E. Armstrong (b. l8l4) and Terese Wilkinson (1820-1847). Micajah was the son of Gray Armstrong (1785-1867) and Martha Ann Williams (d. 1849). Gray was the son of Robert Armstrong (1736-1789) and Mary Mollie Newsome (d. 1799). Robert was the son of Joseph Armstrong (1699-1762) and Elizabeth Braswell. Joseph's father was William Armstrong.

Martha Ann Williams, great great great grandmother of Lucille Taylor, was the daughter of Burrell Williams and Winnie Braswell. Burrell Williams' father was Christian Williams.


Mary Boone, paternal great grandmother of Lucille Taylor, was the daughter of Joshua L. Boone and Ester Gay.


Mary Mollie Newsome was Lucille Taylor's great great great great grandmother. The Newsome's were descended from William Newsome Sr. (1614-1660) and his wife, Gertrude, of Surry Co. Virginia. Mary Mollie was the daughter of Sampson Newsome and Mary Braswell. Sampson was the son of Elizabeth Crafford (1685? 1755) and Thomas Newsome Sr. (1685-1745). Thomas was the son of William Newsome Jr. and Ann Sheppard. Ann Sheppard was the daughter of Major Robert Sheppard (1604-1654) and Elizabeth Spencer. Elizabeth Spencer was the daughter of William Spencer (1590-1637) and his wife Alice.

Brothers and Sisters of Lucille Taylor: Lloyd Lane, Ann, Ulyss, and John Gold. [1971] Aonther sister, Mae, and brother, Horace, died earlier.



Teresa Wilkinson (1820-1847), Lucille Taylor's paternal great, great grandmother, was the daughter of Benjamin E. Wilkinson (1796-1937) and Obedience Dew (1802-1883). Benjamin was the son of Joshua Wilkinson (1756-1818) and his parents were Benjamin and Mary Wilkinson. Obedience Dew was the daughter of John Dew (1764-1811) and Sarah Thomas (1764-1806). John Dew was the son of Arthur and Mary Dew. Arthur was the son of John Dew III and Elizabeth Bryant. John Dew III died in 1760 in Northampton County. His father was John Dew Jr. and his grandfather was John Dew Sr. Elizabeth Bryant was the daughter of James Bryant Sr. and Sarah Sherrod. James Bryant was the son of John Bryant (1695-1730) and Elizabeth Joyner. Elizabeth was the daughter of Ann Harris and Bridgman Joyner (d. 1719), and Bridgman was the son of Thomas Joyner Sr. (1619-1694) Thomas married Elizabeth Robbins in 1647.


Sarah Thomas, Lucille Taylor's great great great grandmother was the daughter of the Rev. Jonathan Thomas (1735-1775) and Mary Hilliard (1739-1802). Jonathan Thomas came from Isle of Wight County, Va., settled in Edgecombe County, and married Mary Hilliard in 1755. He was the son of the Rev. John Thomas Sr. who was born in Nansemond Co., Va. in 1705 and died in Edgecombe County in 1788. He married Christenator Roberts. His father, John Thomas Sr. (1669-1706) was the son of Richard Thomas (1647? 1687). Richard married Mary Lawrence, the daughter of John (d. 1696) and Mary Lawrence. John's father, Robert Lawrence, was the son of Sir John Lawrence of London, England.


The Dillard family in the South descended from George Dillard who was born in 1658 in Wiltshire, England and arrived in Virginia in 1660. He settled on the James River.

Henretta Jones, Lucille Taylor's maternal grandmother, was the daughter of Sarah Ann Dillard (1834-1895) and Hezekiah "Hiah" Jones (1830-1903). Sarah was the daughter of Thomas James Ranson Dillard (1811-1865) and Mary Elizabeth Long (1811-1852). Thomas was the son of John Dillard (born around 1759 and died 1823) and Mary Dickinson (1872-1848). It is uncertain who were the parents of John Dillard. The Dillard lineage has been compiled by Hugh B. Johnson in "A Collection of Notes on the Dillard Family."


Mary Hilliard, Lucille's great great great great grandmother was the daughter of Jeremiah Hilliard (d. 1742) and Morning Pope. Jeremiah Hilliard Sr. (1728-1768) was the son of John Hilliard Jr. and Jane Ballard.


Hilliard Taylor and his father, Elijah, were preachers in the Primitive Baptist churches at Upper Town Creek and Cokey Swamp during the 1850's and 1860's. Although an eloquent speaker who, it was said, married more Edgecombe people than anyone else during his time, Hilliard was disturbed by the race question in the decade after the War Between the States. According to Turner's History of Edgecombe County (Raleigh: Edwards and Broughton, 1920), he started a movement that ultimately ended in a new denomination. He eventually left this church and led the Taylorite Movement. In the 1870's, he preached in a large shelter, 25 feet by 50 feet long, built up with weather boarding and pine boughs to protect from rain and sun. The church was located on a knoll in south Rocky Mount in an area that became known as Taylor's Hill. This eventful spot was nicknamed "Bunker's Hill", drawing its name from the many religious skirmishes which took place there. (History of Edgecombe County, p. 430.)