The Moore Family

Joseph Moore

The Moore family descended from Joseph Moore who acquired two large tracts of land in Edgecombe County in 1739 and 1740.

Lucille Taylor's mother, Margaret Elizabeth (Maggie) Moore (1886 -1959) was the daughter of Daniel Moore (1852-1934) and Henretta Jones (1860-1938). Daniel was the son of Catherine Proctor (1847-1895) and Theophilis

Daniel Moore and Henretta Jones

Moore Jr. (1819-1887). Theophilis was drafted at age 43 and was wounded during service in the Civil War. After the war, he went into teaching.Theophilis was the brother of Samuel Moore, the great grandfather of Charles Thomas Williams. Theophilis and Samuel were the sons of Theophilis Moore Sr. (1781-1858) and Millie Robbins (1776-1861). Theophilis, Sr. was the son of William Elijah Moore (1740-1783) and Mary Sessums. Elijah was the son of James Moore (1720-1789) and James' father was Joseph Moore (d. 1757).

Elijah Moore

Elijah Moore - birthdate undetermined. Died 1-1833 in Edgecombe County. Married, Mary Sessums who lived past 1833, for she and children bouht many items at sale, 3-19-l833; cash found in household amounted to $9.31 [from Edgecombe County Inventory Records, 1833; Elijah Moore will probabed in Edgecome County Court Minutes, l833-1840.; executor of estate, Ethelred Moore, son.

Elijah Moore will

Children listed in Elijah Moore will include William Elijah Moore Jr. [d. 6-1891]; Ethelred Moore [d. 1840]; Theophilus Moore; Samuel Moore, Exum Moore; Martha Moore [married Elijah Robbins]; Zada Moore [married Issiah Williams].


Catherine Proctor was the daughter of Joab Proctor and Lucy Bulluck. Mary Sessums was the daughter of Culmore and Elizabeth Sessums. Millie Robbins was the daughter of William and Phebe Robbins.


Hezekiah Jones, Lucille Taylor's maternal grandfather, was the son of William Jones (born 1792) and Lydia Jenkins. During the Civil War, Hezekiah served as a private in Co.1, 75th N.C. Cavalry. After the war, he lived southeast of Rocky Mount near Flood's store. He married Sarah Dillard.


Mary Elizabeth Long, great great grandmother of Lucille Taylor, was the daughter of Edward Long (1784-1816) and Sara Peele. Edward was the son of John Long and Polly May Armstrong. John Long was the son Edward Long Jr. (1725-1760). His father, Edward Long Sr., was born in 1686 and died in 1749. Edward Sr. was the son of Arthur Long Jr. (1665-1700). His father, Arthur Sr., was born in 1642 and died in 1677. Arthur Sr. was the son of Robert and Robert was the son of Richard Long who was born in 1591.









Daniel Moore family photographs


The North Carolina 15th Regiment was raised from Edgecombe County and fought until the end of the War. Three of Sarah Dillard's brothers fought with distinction in the regiment and her husband, Hezekiah Jones, served throughout the war in the 75th N.C. (Cavalry) Regiment.

Warwick Creek, Virginia, April 16, 1982

"A musket ball struck John Dillard in the top of the head as his company charged up a bank of the creek. His brother, Edward, dragged him from the shallow water to the shade of a little pine tree and left him for dead. However, he surprised the surgeons by making a full recovery from the wound, after they had decided against attempting to remove the bullet imbedded in his skull.

--Letter from James F. McKinley, Major General,
the Adjutant General of the N.C. 15th Regiment

The 1870 Census listed John Dillard as age 34, a farmer with property valued at $700. In 1873, be bought the handsome "Magnolia Plantation" of approximately 1,000 acres south of the Neuse River on Anderson's Creek near New Bern. Some members of the family are buried in Lovett Graveyard at Magnolia Plantation.

In his declining years, Uncle John was partially bald and the sunken spot caused by his war wound was very noticeable. Whenever a new acquaintance asked how he managed to acquire such a scar, hewould launch forth into a detailed account of how he was shot one dark night while attempting to rob the chicken roost of one of his neighbors.

--From A Collection of Notes on the Dillard
Family, by Hugh B. Johnson, 1982.


Children of Daniel and Henretta Moore: Joseph, Kate Rose, Laura Lee Proctor, Sudie, Emma Mears, Margaret Elizabeth Taylor and Rick Moore. [1960]



Moore and Moore Roots

Amanda Moore, the grandmother of C.T. Williams, was the daughter of Samuel Moore (1790-1832) and Piety Lancaster (1790-1835). Samuel was descended from the Joseph Moore family, and he was the brother of Theophilis Moore. Piety Lancaster was the daughter of August Lancaster and Prudence Whitehead.

Grandchildren of Daniel and Henretta Moore










Theophilus Moore's Letters from the War

Theophilus Moore, Jr., who operated a school in the Upper Town Creek Township, was drafted into the War at age 43 and served in the North Carolina 30th Regiment. Family tradition tells that he was wounded and walked

Elsie Moore O'Hana and daughter

home from Petersburg, Va. making it as far as his father's farm in Wilson County. His family came to get him in a buckboard.

Theophilus wrote many letters to his wife, some 20 of which exist in family records.

November 26, l864

Camp near New Market, Northern Virginia

Dear Catherine,

The yankees fired their canons on us without any mercy. I escaped with Chester Filly, the drummer of our regiment, to a nearby hill. I saw a gentleman sitting on his horse, and I asked him if he knew where the Cox Brigade was. He told me he was General Cox, himself, and asked if I was one of his men. I told him I was. He told me to go to the campground that we had left the night before and he would stay there and try to round up as many men as he could. I found the campground and General Cox got together the few of his men who were still remaining. We could all stay around one fire. Write soon.

Theophilus Moore, Jr.

Schoolhouse where Theophilus Moore, Jr. taught school after the War Between the States. Building was located near the Moore Cemetery in Edgecombe County [Photo taken in 1990]

February 16, 1865

Camp Roads, Petersburg, Virginia

Mrs. Catherine Moore

This day I avail myself of the opportunity of writing to let you know that I am yet living and well, thanks be to God. I am hoping that these lines may reach you safely and find you well, if it is the will of God. I can inform you that I received your letter last night, and I was glad to hear from you. I am very glad that you are preparing a box of provisions as I am faring badly for something to eat. I have no money for I have not drew any money since I got into the Army. I had little when I got here so if you send me the box it will be thankfully received. I just returned from the front lines last night. Our picket line is only 200 yards from the enemy. We are so near the yankees that we can hear them talk to each other and understand what they say. There was a continued firing of cannons and small arms all the time I stayed there. It was the hardest duty I have done since I have been in the Army.

Theophilus Moore, Jr.

Theophilis Moore [Senior] Cemetery

Theophilis Moore, Sr.; his wife Millie Robbins Moore, and several of his children are buried in Edgecombe County on

Theophilus Moore Sr.
Millie Moore

the Sam Wilson Road, between Town Creek Primitive Baptist Church and the Wilson County line.

Buried here with her parents are Susanna Moore and Elizabeth Moore Luper.

D.W.A. Moore, Susanna's son; George W. Moore and James Moore are buried in the Town Creek cemetery.

Theophilis Moore Jr. is buried in a small cemetery in the same vicinity.

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